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Replacement TOSHIBA PABAS118 Laptop Battery

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TOSHIBA PABAS118 Laptop Battery

7800mAh 10.8V TOSHIBA PABAS118 Replacement Laptop Battery

  • Item Number: USNTB38179B
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Volt: 10.8V
  • Capacity: 7800mAh
  • Cells: 9
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 469.3g
  • Length: 219.00 x 69.70 x 20.20mm
  • Condition: New, replacement, 1 year warranty!
  • Availability: In Stock
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Price: US $36.99

Descriptions of TOSHIBA PABAS118 Laptop Battery

Note: Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.
This TOSHIBA PABAS118 Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:



This TOSHIBA PABAS118 Laptop Battery is also compatible with the following models:


      Dynabook CX/45F
      Dynabook CX/45G
      Dynabook CX/45H
      Dynabook CX/45J
      Dynabook CX/47F
      Dynabook CX/47G
      Dynabook CX/47H
      Dynabook CX/47J
      Dynabook CX/48F
      Dynabook CX/48G
      Dynabook CX/48H
      Dynabook SS M52 220C/3W
      Dynabook SS M52 253E/3W
      Equium U400 Series
      Equium U400-124
      Equium U400-145
      Equium U400-146
      Portege M800
      Portege M800 -11J
      Portege M800-101
      Portege M800-105
      Portege M800-106
      Portege M800-10A
      Portege M800-10C
      Portege M800-10D
      Portege M800-10N
      Portege M800-10V
      Portege M800-10W
      Portege M800-113
      Portege M800-116
      Portege M800-11B
      Portege M800-11F
      Portege M800-11G
      Portege M800-701
      Portege M801
      Portege M802
      Portege M803
      Portege M805
      Portege M806
      Portege M807
      Portege M808
      Portege M810
      Portege M820
      Portege M821
      Portege M822
      Portege M823
      Portege M825
      Satellite L310
      Satellite L311
      Satellite L312
      Satellite L315
      Satellite L317
      Satellite L322
      Satellite L323
      Satellite M300 Series
      Satellite M300-600
      Satellite M300-700-R
      Satellite M300-900
      Satellite M300-J00
      Satellite M300-ST3401
      Satellite M300-ST3402
      Satellite M300-ST3403
      Satellite M300-ST4060
      Satellite M301
      Satellite M302
      Satellite M305 Series
      Satellite M305-S4815
      Satellite M305-S4819
      Satellite M305-S4820
      Satellite M305-S4822
      Satellite M305-S4826
      Satellite M305-S4835
      Satellite M305-S4848
      Satellite M305-S4860
      Satellite M305-S49052
      Satellite M305-S4907
      Satellite M305-S4910
      Satellite M305-S4915
      Satellite M305-S4920
      Satellite M305-S49201
      Satellite M305-S49203
      Satellite M305-S4990E
      Satellite M305-S4991E
      Satellite M305D-S4828
      Satellite M305D-S4829
      Satellite M305D-S4830
      Satellite M305D-S4831
      Satellite M305D-S4833
      Satellite M305D-S48331
      Satellite M305D-S4840
      Satellite M305D-S4844
      Satellite M305D-S48441
      Satellite M306
      Satellite M307
      Satellite M308
      Satellite M310
      Satellite M311
      Satellite M320
      Satellite M321
      Satellite M323
      Satellite M325
      Satellite M326
      Satellite M327
      Satellite M328
      Satellite M332
      Satellite M336
      Satellite M338
      Satellite M339
      Satellite Pro M300 Series
      Satellite Pro M300-EZ1001V
      Satellite Pro M300-EZ1001X
      Satellite Pro M300-S1002V
      Satellite Pro M300-S1002X
      Satellite Pro U400 Series
      Satellite Pro U400-10H
      Satellite Pro U400-114
      Satellite Pro U400-11O
      Satellite Pro U400-11V
      Satellite Pro U400-122
      Satellite Pro U400-123
      Satellite Pro U400-126
      Satellite Pro U400-127
      Satellite Pro U400-12F
      Satellite Pro U400-12Y
      Satellite Pro U400-130
      Satellite Pro U400-13A
      Satellite Pro U400-13D
      Satellite Pro U400-13O
      Satellite Pro U400-142
      Satellite Pro U400-153
      Satellite Pro U400-15I
      Satellite Pro U400-15Q
      Satellite Pro U400-17O
      Satellite Pro U400-17Q
      Satellite Pro U400-18A
      Satellite Pro U400-18B
      Satellite Pro U400-18L
      Satellite Pro U400-18S
      Satellite Pro U400-232
      Satellite Pro U400-23X
      Satellite Pro U400-243
      Satellite Pro U400-246
      Satellite Pro U400-S1001V
      Satellite Pro U400-S1001X
      Satellite Pro U400-S1002V
      Satellite Pro U400-S1301
      Satellite Pro U500-18T
      Satellite Pro U500-18U
      Satellite Pro U500-18V
      Satellite Pro U500-1DK
      Satellite Pro U500-1E4
      Satellite Pro U500-1E5
      Satellite U400 Series
      Satellite U400-108
      Satellite U400-10I
      Satellite U400-10J
      Satellite U400-10L
      Satellite U400-10M
      Satellite U400-10N
      Satellite U400-10O
      Satellite U400-10T
      Satellite U400-112
      Satellite U400-11L
      Satellite U400-11Q
      Satellite U400-11T
      Satellite U400-12R
      Satellite U400-13T
      Satellite U400-14B
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      Satellite U400-14P
      Satellite U400-15E
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      Satellite U400-17H
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      Satellite U400-189
      Satellite U400-217
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      Satellite U400-22N
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      Satellite U400-23L
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      Satellite U400-ST3302
      Satellite U400-ST5404
      Satellite U400-ST6301
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      Satellite U405-S2817
      Satellite U405-S2820
      Satellite U405-S2824
      Satellite U405-S2826
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      Satellite U405-S2854
      Satellite U405-S2856
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      Satellite U405-S2878
      Satellite U405-S2882
      Satellite U405-S2911
      Satellite U405-S2915
      Satellite U405-S29151
      Satellite U405-S29153
      Satellite U405-S2918
      Satellite U405-S2920
      Satellite U405-ST550W
      Satellite U405D Series
      Satellite U405D-S2846
      Satellite U405D-S2848
      Satellite U405D-S2850
      Satellite U405D-S2852
      Satellite U405D-S2863
      Satellite U405D-S2870
      Satellite U405D-S2874
      Satellite U405D-S2902
      Satellite U405D-S2910
      Satellite U500-119
      Satellite U500-11C
      Satellite U500-11D
      Satellite U500-12C
      Satellite U500-176
      Satellite U500-178
      Satellite U500-186
      Satellite U500-1CN
      Satellite U500-1DZ
      Satellite U500-1E0
      Satellite U500-1EX
      Satellite U500-1GC

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