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Replacement TOSHIBA PA3537U-1BAS Laptop Battery

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TOSHIBA PA3537U-1BAS Laptop Battery

7800mAh 10.8V TOSHIBA PA3537U-1BAS Replacement Laptop Battery

  • Item Number: USNTB35369B
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Volt: 10.8V
  • Capacity: 7800mAh
  • Cells: 9
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 458.5g
  • Length: 207.50 x73.50 x20.50mm
  • Condition: New, replacement, 1 year warranty!
  • Availability: In Stock
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Price: US $36.99

Descriptions of TOSHIBA PA3537U-1BAS Laptop Battery

Note: Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.
This TOSHIBA PA3537U-1BAS Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:



This TOSHIBA PA3537U-1BAS Laptop Battery is also compatible with the following models:


      Equium L350-10L
      Equium L350D-11D
      Equium P200
      Equium P200-178
      Equium P200-1ED
      Equium P200-1IR
      Equium P200D-139
      Equium P300-16T
      Equium P300-19O
      Satego P200-15U
      Satego P200-16W
      Satego X200-20O
      Satego X200-21D
      Satego X200-21L
      Satego X200-21U
      Satego X200-21V
      Satellite L350
      Satellite L350-10F
      Satellite L350-10H
      Satellite L350-12C
      Satellite L350-12N
      Satellite L350-141
      Satellite L350-145
      Satellite L350-14F
      Satellite L350-153
      Satellite L350-159
      Satellite L350-15E
      Satellite L350-15V
      Satellite L350-16S
      Satellite L350-16T
      Satellite L350-16X
      Satellite L350-170
      Satellite L350-171
      Satellite L350-172
      Satellite L350-17O
      Satellite L350-17P
      Satellite L350-17R
      Satellite L350-203
      Satellite L350-20F
      Satellite L350-20G
      Satellite L350-212
      Satellite L350-21Q
      Satellite L350-21T
      Satellite L350-235
      Satellite L350-24R
      Satellite L350-25Z
      Satellite L350-262
      Satellite L350-264
      Satellite L350-ST2121
      Satellite L350-ST2701
      Satellite L350-ST3701
      Satellite L350-ST3702
      Satellite L350D-10S
      Satellite L350D-10V
      Satellite L350D-116
      Satellite L350D-117
      Satellite L350D-11A
      Satellite L350D-11B
      Satellite L350D-11K
      Satellite L350D-11O
      Satellite L350D-11S
      Satellite L350D-123
      Satellite L350D-12M
      Satellite L350D-12Q
      Satellite L350D-131
      Satellite L350D-200
      Satellite L350D-201
      Satellite L350D-213
      Satellite L350D-214
      Satellite L350D-215
      Satellite L350D-216
      Satellite L355
      Satellite L355-S7811
      Satellite L355-S7812
      Satellite L355-S7817
      Satellite L355-S7822
      Satellite L355-S7827
      Satellite L355-S7828
      Satellite L355-S7831
      Satellite L355-S78312
      Satellite L355-S7834
      Satellite L355-S7835
      Satellite L355-S7837
      Satellite L355-S7900
      Satellite L355-S7902
      Satellite L355-S79023
      Satellite L355-S7905
      Satellite L355-S7907
      Satellite L355-S7915
      Satellite L355D
      Satellite L355D-S7809
      Satellite L355D-S7810
      Satellite L355D-S7813
      Satellite L355D-S7815
      Satellite L355D-S7819
      Satellite L355D-S7820
      Satellite L355D-S7825
      Satellite L355D-S7829
      Satellite L355D-S7832
      Satellite L355D-S7901
      Satellite P200
      Satellite P200-10A
      Satellite P200-10C
      Satellite P200-10G
      Satellite P200-10O
      Satellite P200-10T
      Satellite P200-11P
      Satellite P200-123
      Satellite P200-12D
      Satellite P200-12U
      Satellite P200-12V
      Satellite P200-12W
      Satellite P200-136
      Satellite P200-139
      Satellite P200-13B
      Satellite P200-13F
      Satellite P200-13H
      Satellite P200-13I
      Satellite P200-13K
      Satellite P200-13M
      Satellite P200-13Y
      Satellite P200-13Z
      Satellite P200-140
      Satellite P200-143
      Satellite P200-144
      Satellite P200-14O
      Satellite P200-154
      Satellite P200-155
      Satellite P200-156
      Satellite P200-157
      Satellite P200-15U
      Satellite P200-16J
      Satellite P200-16W
      Satellite P200-16X
      Satellite P200-177
      Satellite P200-17B
      Satellite P200-17C
      Satellite P200-18C
      Satellite P200-18E
      Satellite P200-195
      Satellite P200-1B6
      Satellite P200-1BK
      Satellite P200-1BY
      Satellite P200-1C2
      Satellite P200-1C7
      Satellite P200-1CB
      Satellite P200-1D0
      Satellite P200-1DE
      Satellite P200-1E7
      Satellite P200-1E9
      Satellite P200-1EA
      Satellite P200-1EE
      Satellite P200-1F5
      Satellite P200-1FC
      Satellite P200-1FT
      Satellite P200-1FY
      Satellite P200-1FZ
      Satellite P200-1G2
      Satellite P200-1G4
      Satellite P200-1G7
      Satellite P200-1G8
      Satellite P200-1JV
      Satellite P200-1K8
      Satellite P200-1K9
      Satellite P200-ST2061
      Satellite P200-ST2071
      Satellite P200D
      Satellite P200D-107
      Satellite P200D-108
      Satellite P200D-10A
      Satellite P200D-10L
      Satellite P200D-10P
      Satellite P200D-111
      Satellite P200D-11G
      Satellite P200D-11J
      Satellite P200D-11M
      Satellite P200D-11R
      Satellite P200D-127
      Satellite P200D-128
      Satellite P200D-137
      Satellite P200D-1FI
      Satellite P200D-1FW
      Satellite P205
      Satellite P205-S6237
      Satellite P205-S6247
      Satellite P205-S6257
      Satellite P205-S6267
      Satellite P205-S6277
      Satellite P205-S6287
      Satellite P205-S6297
      Satellite P205-S6298
      Satellite P205-S6307
      Satellite P205-S6327
      Satellite P205-S6337
      Satellite P205-S6347
      Satellite P205-S6348
      Satellite P205-S7402
      Satellite P205-S7457
      Satellite P205-S7469
      Satellite P205-S7476
      Satellite P205-S7482
      Satellite P205-S7484
      Satellite P205-S7804
      Satellite P205-S7806
      Satellite P205-S8810
      Satellite P205-S8811
      Satellite P205D
      Satellite P205D-S7429
      Satellite P205D-S7436
      Satellite P205D-S7438
      Satellite P205D-S7439
      Satellite P205D-S7454
      Satellite P205D-S7479
      Satellite P205D-S7802
      Satellite P205D-S8802
      Satellite P205D-S8804
      Satellite P205D-S8806
      Satellite P205D-S8812
      Satellite P300
      Satellite P300-01Y
      Satellite P300-150
      Satellite P300-156
      Satellite P300-160
      Satellite P300-161
      Satellite P300-172
      Satellite P300-18M
      Satellite P300-19N
      Satellite P300-19P
      Satellite P300-1AD
      Satellite P300-1AO
      Satellite P300-1BB
      Satellite P300-1BN
      Satellite P300-1C9
      Satellite P300-1CN
      Satellite P300-1CZ
      Satellite P300-1EI
      Satellite P300-1FC
      Satellite P300-1FN
      Satellite P300-1GL
      Satellite P300-20C
      Satellite P300-20H
      Satellite P300-23L
      Satellite P300-ST3014
      Satellite P300-ST3712
      Satellite P300-ST6711
      Satellite P300-V01
      Satellite P300D
      Satellite P300D-12D
      Satellite P300D-12Y
      Satellite P300D-14A
      Satellite P300D-14E
      Satellite P300D-151
      Satellite P300D-15O
      Satellite P300D-20B
      Satellite P300D-ST3711
      Satellite P305
      Satellite P305-S8814
      Satellite P305-S8820
      Satellite P305-S8822
      Satellite P305-S8823
      Satellite P305-S8824
      Satellite P305-S8825
      Satellite P305-S8826
      Satellite P305-S8830
      Satellite P305-S8832
      Satellite P305-S8837
      Satellite P305-S8838
      Satellite P305-S8842
      Satellite P305-S8844
      Satellite P305-S8848
      Satellite P305-S8854
      Satellite P305-S88541
      Satellite P305-S8857
      Satellite P305-S8904
      Satellite P305-S89041
      Satellite P305-S8906
      Satellite P305-S8909
      Satellite P305-S8910
      Satellite P305-S8915
      Satellite P305-S89151
      Satellite P305-S8919
      Satellite P305-S8920
      Satellite P305-S8996E
      Satellite P305-S8997E
      Satellite P305-ST771E
      Satellite P305D
      Satellite P305D-S8816
      Satellite P305D-S8818
      Satellite P305D-S8819
      Satellite P305D-S8828
      Satellite P305D-S8829
      Satellite P305D-S8834
      Satellite P305D-S8836
      Satellite P305D-S88361
      Satellite P305D-S8845
      Satellite P305D-S8900
      Satellite P305D-S8903
      Satellite P305D-S8995E
      Satellite Pro 300-1FP
      Satellite Pro L350
      Satellite Pro L350-16J
      Satellite Pro L350-175
      Satellite Pro L350-S1001V
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      Satellite Pro P200-14W
      Satellite Pro P200-150
      Satellite Pro P200-15E
      Satellite Pro P200-19R
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      Satellite Pro P200HD-1DV
      Satellite Pro P300
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      Satellite X200-214
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      Satellite X205-S9810
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      Satellite X205-SLi2
      Satellite X205-SLi3
      Satellite X205-SLi4
      Satellite X205-SLi5
      Satellite X205-SLi6

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