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Replacement TOSHIBA G71C0002S310 Laptop AC Adapter

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TOSHIBA G71C0002S310 Laptop AC Adapter

Laptop Charger/AC Adapter For TOSHIBA G71C0002S310

  • Item Number: USATB75W15V5A-6.3*3.0U
  • Model#: TOSHIBA G71C0002S310
  • Input:AC 100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz
  • Output Voltage:15V
  • Output Current:5.0A
  • Power:75W
  • Connector Size:6.3 * 3.0mm
  • Power Cable: US / AU / UK / EU (Free)
  • Condition: New, replacement, 1 year warranty!
  • Availability: In Stock
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Price: US $22.99

Descriptions of TOSHIBA G71C0002S310 Laptop AC Adapter

Note: Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.
This TOSHIBA G71C0002S310 Laptop AC Adapter can replace the following part numbers:



This TOSHIBA G71C0002S310 Laptop AC Adapter is also compatible with the following models:


      Libetto U105
      Libretto 100
      Libretto 100CT
      Libretto 110
      Libretto 110CT
      Libretto 75
      Libretto 75CT
      Libretto L5/080TNLN
      Libretto U100
      Libretto U100 00R016
      Libretto U100 Series
      Libretto U100-105
      Libretto U100-108
      Libretto U100-S213
      Libretto U105
      Portege 1410-S173
      Portege 1410-S174
      Portege 1415-S173
      Portege 1415-S174
      Portege 1800 series
      Portege 1800-S202
      Portege 1800-S204
      Portege 1800-S254
      Portege 1805
      Portege 1805-S204
      Portege 1805-S254
      Portege 1805-S274
      Portege 2000
      Portege 2010
      Portege 2100CDS
      Portege 2100CDT
      Portege 2100CDX
      Portege 2105CDS
      Portege 210CDT
      Portege 2115CDS
      Portege 2140XCDS
      Portege 2180CDT
      Portege 2210CDT
      Portege 2210XCDS
      Portege 2250CDT
      Portege 2250XCDS
      Portege 2410 Series
      Portege 2410-S203
      Portege 2410-S204
      Portege 2410-S205
      Portege 2410-S206
      Portege 2500CDT
      Portege 2505CDT
      Portege 2515CDS
      Portege 2515CDS/4
      Portege 2515CTS
      Portege 2520CDT
      Portege 2540CDT
      Portege 2545CDT
      Portege 2600 series
      Portege 2610DVD
      Portege 2615DVD
      Portege 2715DVD
      Portege 2800
      Portege 2800-S201
      Portege 2800-S202
      Portege 2805
      Portege 2805-S201
      Portege 2805-S202
      Portege 2805-S301
      Portege 2805-S302
      Portege 2805-S401
      Portege 2805-S402
      Portege 2805-S503
      Portege 2900 series
      Portege 300CT
      Portege 3010
      Portege 3010CT
      Portege 3015
      Portege 3015CT
      Portege 3020
      Portege 3020CT
      Portege 3025
      Portege 3025CT
      Portege 3110
      Portege 3110CT
      Portege 3400
      Portege 3400CT
      Portege 3440
      Portege 3440CT
      Portege 3450
      Portege 3460
      Portege 3470
      Portege 3480
      Portege 3480CT
      Portege 3490
      Portege 3490C
      Portege 3490CT
      Portege 3500
      Portege 3500 Tablet PC
      Portege 3505
      Portege 3505 Tablet PC
      Portege 4000
      Portege 4005
      Portege 4010
      Portege 4320ZDVD
      Portege 4340ZDVD
      Portege 4360ZDVD
      Portege 4600 Series
      Portege 5000 Series
      Portege 5005-S504
      Portege 5100 Series
      Portege 5105-S502
      Portege 5105-S607
      Portege 5105-S608
      Portege 5105-S702
      Portege 7000
      Portege 7000CT
      Portege 7000CT-NT
      Portege 7010
      Portege 7010CDT
      Portege 7010CT
      Portege 7010CT-NT
      Portege 7010CT/CT-NT
      Portege 7020
      Portege 7020CT
      Portege 7020CT-NT
      Portege 7020CT/CT-NT
      Portege 7040CT
      Portege 7100
      Portege 7140
      Portege 7140CT
      Portege 7140CT-NT
      Portege 7200
      Portege 7200CT
      Portege 7200CTE
      Portege 7200e
      Portege 7220
      Portege 7220CT
      Portege 7220Cte
      Portege 7220e
      Portege A100
      Portege A200
      Portege A600
      Portege A600-120
      Portege A600-122
      Portege A600-14C
      Portege A600-16N
      Portege A600-16P
      Portege A600-NOWEBCAM
      Portege A600-S2201
      Portege A600-S2202
      Portege A600-SP2801A
      Portege A600-SP2801C
      Portege A600-SP2801R
      Portege A600-SP2932
      Portege A600-ST2230
      Portege A600-ST2231
      Portege A600-ST2232
      Portege A605
      Portege A605-P200
      Portege A605-P201
      Portege A605-P210
      Portege L410-S174
      Portege M100
      Portege M100 Series
      Portege M200
      Portege M200-S218TD
      Portege M200-S838
      Portege M205
      Portege M205-S809
      Portege M205-S810
      Portege M300
      Portege M300 01M00Z
      Portege M300 Series
      Portege M300-100
      Portege M300-101
      Portege M300-102
      Portege M300-103
      Portege M300-104
      Portege M300-105
      Portege M300-BTO
      Portege M300-P1301
      Portege M300-P1311
      Portege M40
      Portege M400
      Portege M400-EZ5031
      Portege M400-S4031
      Portege M400-S4032
      Portege M400-S4033
      Portege M400-S4034
      Portege M400-S4035
      Portege M400-S405032X
      Portege M400-S5032
      Portege M400-S5032X
      Portege M400-S54035
      Portege M400-S933
      Portege M400-ST4001
      Portege M400-ST4035
      Portege M400-ST9113
      Portege M405
      Portege M405-S8003
      Portege M500
      Portege M600 Series
      Portege M601
      Portege M602
      Portege M603
      Portege M700
      Portege M700-S7001X
      Portege M700-S7002
      Portege M700-S7003V
      Portege M700-S7003X
      Portege M700-S7004V
      Portege M700-S7004X
      Portege M700-S7005V
      Portege M700-S7005X
      Portege M700-S7008
      Portege M700-S7008X
      Portege M700-S7043V
      Portege M700-S7043X
      Portege M700-S7044V
      Portege M700-S7044X
      Portege M750
      Portege M750-S7201
      Portege M750-S7202
      Portege M750-S7211
      Portege M750-S7212
      Portege M750-S7213
      Portege M750-S7221
      Portege M750-S7222
      Portege M750-S7223
      Portege M750-S7241
      Portege M750-S7242
      Portege M750-S7243
      Portege M750-ST7201
      Portege M750-ST7202
      Portege M750-ST7211
      Portege M750-ST7212
      Portege M750-ST7213
      Portege M750-ST7221
      Portege M750-ST7222
      Portege M750-ST7223
      Portege M750-ST7241
      Portege M750-ST7242
      Portege M750-ST7243
      Portege M750-ST7258
      Portege M780-S7210
      Portege M780-S7211
      Portege M780-S7214
      Portege M780-S7220
      Portege M780-S7221
      Portege M780-S7224
      Portege M780-S7230
      Portege M780-S7231
      Portege M780-S7234
      Portege M780-S7240
      Portege M780-S7241
      Portege M780-S7244
      Portege M780-ST7200
      Portege M780-ST7201
      Portege M780-ST7202
      Portege R100
      Portege R150
      Portege R200
      Portege R200 Series
      Portege R200-110
      Portege R200-1100
      Portege R200-113
      Portege R200-128
      Portege R200-142
      Portege R200-S2031
      Portege R200-S2032
      Portege R200-S2062
      Portege R200-S214
      Portege R200-S234
      Portege R300
      Portege R400-100
      Portege R400-106
      Portege R400-S4831
      Portege R400-S4834
      Portege R400-S4835
      Portege R400-S4933
      Portege R500
      Portege R500-106
      Portege R500-10J
      Portege R500-S5001X
      Portege R500-S5002
      Portege R500-S5002X
      Portege R500-S5003
      Portege R500-S5004
      Portege R600
      Portege R600 (PPR65U)
      Portege R600-OracleNW
      Portege R600-S4201
      Portege R600-S4202
      Portege R600-S4211
      Portege R600-S4212
      Portege R600-SP2801A
      Portege R600-SP2801C
      Portege R600-SP2801R
      Portege R600-SP2803A
      Portege R600-SP2803C
      Portege R600-SP2803R
      Portege R600-ST4203
      Portege R600-ST520W
      Portege S100
      Portege S100-112
      Portege S100-113
      Portege S100-133
      Portege S100-S1132
      Portege S100-S1133
      Portege S100-S113TD
      Portege S100-S213TD
      Qosmio E10
      Satellite 1400
      Satellite 1400-103
      Satellite 1400-153
      Satellite 1400-153E
      Satellite 1400-203
      Satellite 1400-253S
      Satellite 1400-503
      Satellite 1400-553S
      Satellite 1400-S151
      Satellite 1400-S152
      Satellite 1405
      Satellite 1405-S151
      Satellite 1405-S152
      Satellite 1405-S171
      Satellite 1405-S172
      Satellite 1410
      Satellite 1410-303
      Satellite 1410-303X
      Satellite 1410-304
      Satellite 1410-354
      Satellite 1410-401
      Satellite 1410-554
      Satellite 1410-604
      Satellite 1410-704
      Satellite 1410-714
      Satellite 1410-801
      Satellite 1410-802
      Satellite 1410-814
      Satellite 1410-902
      Satellite 1410-S102
      Satellite 1410-S103
      Satellite 1410-S105
      Satellite 1410-S106
      Satellite 1410-S173
      Satellite 1410-S174
      Satellite 1410-S203
      Satellite 1415
      Satellite 1415-S105
      Satellite 1415-S106
      Satellite 1415-S115
      Satellite 1415-S173
      Satellite 1415-S174
      Satellite 1500
      Satellite 1555CDS
      Satellite 1800
      Satellite 1800-100
      Satellite 1800-204
      Satellite 1800-254S
      Satellite 1800-314
      Satellite 1800-354S
      Satellite 1800-364E
      Satellite 1800-400
      Satellite 1800-412
      Satellite 1800-452E
      Satellite 1800-504
      Satellite 1800-514
      Satellite 1800-554S
      Satellite 1800-614
      Satellite 1800-654S
      Satellite 1800-700
      Satellite 1800-712
      Satellite 1800-750
      Satellite 1800-752S
      Satellite 1800-804
      Satellite 1800-814
      Satellite 1800-911
      Satellite 1800-921
      Satellite 1800-S203
      Satellite 1800-S204
      Satellite 1800-S206
      Satellite 1800-S207
      Satellite 1800-S253
      Satellite 1800-S254
      Satellite 1800-S256
      Satellite 1800-S274
      Satellite 1805
      Satellite 1805 Series
      Satellite 1805-S154
      Satellite 1805-S177
      Satellite 1805-S203
      Satellite 1805-S204
      Satellite 1805-S207
      Satellite 1805-S208
      Satellite 1805-S253
      Satellite 1805-S254
      Satellite 1805-S255
      Satellite 1805-S273
      Satellite 1805-S274
      Satellite 1805-S278
      Satellite 1830
      Satellite 200
      Satellite 2000
      Satellite 200CDS
      Satellite 200CDT
      Satellite 200CS
      Satellite 200CT
      Satellite 2025
      Satellite 205
      Satellite 205CD
      Satellite 205CDS
      Satellite 2060
      Satellite 2060CDS
      Satellite 2060CDT
      Satellite 2065
      Satellite 2065CDS
      Satellite 2065CDT
      Satellite 2065DVD
      Satellite 210
      Satellite 2100
      Satellite 2100CDS
      Satellite 2100CDT
      Satellite 2100CDX
      Satellite 2105CDS
      Satellite 210CD
      Satellite 210CDS
      Satellite 210CDT
      Satellite 210CS
      Satellite 210CT
      Satellite 2110CDS
      Satellite 2115CDS
      Satellite 2135CT
      Satellite 2140
      Satellite 2140CDS
      Satellite 2140XCDS
      Satellite 215
      Satellite 215CD
      Satellite 215CDS
      Satellite 215CDT
      Satellite 215CS
      Satellite 2180
      Satellite 2180CDT
      Satellite 220
      Satellite 2200
      Satellite 220CDS
      Satellite 220CS
      Satellite 220CT
      Satellite 2210
      Satellite 2210CDS
      Satellite 2210CDT
      Satellite 2210XCDS
      Satellite 2210XCDT
      Satellite 2215CDS
      Satellite 2230
      Satellite 2230CDS
      Satellite 2250
      Satellite 2250CDT
      Satellite 2250XCDS
      Satellite 2250XCDT
      Satellite 225CDS
      Satellite 230CDS
      Satellite 230CX
      Satellite 235CDS
      Satellite 2400
      Satellite 2400-103
      Satellite 2400-103DVD
      Satellite 2400-S201
      Satellite 2400-S202
      Satellite 2400-S251
      Satellite 2400-S252
      Satellite 2405
      Satellite 2405-S201
      Satellite 2405-S202
      Satellite 2405-S221
      Satellite 2410
      Satellite 2410 Series
      Satellite 2410-303
      Satellite 2410-304
      Satellite 2410-304S
      Satellite 2410-404
      Satellite 2410-413
      Satellite 2410-414
      Satellite 2410-514
      Satellite 2410-515
      Satellite 2410-601
      Satellite 2410-603
      Satellite 2410-703
      Satellite 2410-S185
      Satellite 2410-S203
      Satellite 2410-S204
      Satellite 2410-S205
      Satellite 2410-S206
      Satellite 2410-S403
      Satellite 2410-S453
      Satellite 2415
      Satellite 2415-S205
      Satellite 2415-S206
      Satellite 2450
      Satellite 2455
      Satellite 2455-S3001
      Satellite 2455-S305
      Satellite 2455-S306
      Satellite 250
      Satellite 2500
      Satellite 2500CDS
      Satellite 2500CDT
      Satellite 2505CDS
      Satellite 2505CDT
      Satellite 2510
      Satellite 2510CDS
      Satellite 2510CDS/4
      Satellite 2515
      Satellite 2515CDS
      Satellite 2515CDS/4
      Satellite 2515CTS
      Satellite 2520
      Satellite 2520CDS
      Satellite 2520CDT
      Satellite 2530
      Satellite 2530CDS
      Satellite 2530CDS/4
      Satellite 2535
      Satellite 2535CD
      Satellite 2535CDS
      Satellite 2535CDS/4
      Satellite 2540
      Satellite 2540CDS
      Satellite 2540CDS/4
      Satellite 2540CDT
      Satellite 2540XCDT
      Satellite 2545CDS
      Satellite 2545CDS/4
      Satellite 2545CDT
      Satellite 2545XCDT
      Satellite 2545XCDT/4
      Satellite 2550
      Satellite 2550CDS
      Satellite 2550CDT
      Satellite 2590
      Satellite 2590CDS
      Satellite 2590CDS/4
      Satellite 2590CDT
      Satellite 2590XDVD
      Satellite 2595CDS
      Satellite 2595CDS/4
      Satellite 2595CDT
      Satellite 2595SDVD
      Satellite 2595XDVD
      Satellite 2600
      Satellite 2610
      Satellite 2610CDT
      Satellite 2610DVD
      Satellite 2615
      Satellite 2615DVD
      Satellite 2650
      Satellite 2650DVD
      Satellite 2650XDVD
      Satellite 2655
      Satellite 2655XDVD
      Satellite 2670
      Satellite 2670DVD
      Satellite 2675
      Satellite 2675DVD
      Satellite 2695
      Satellite 2695DVD
      Satellite 2700
      Satellite 2710
      Satellite 2710XDVD
      Satellite 2714XDVD
      Satellite 2715
      Satellite 2715DVD
      Satellite 2715XDVD
      Satellite 2740
      Satellite 2750
      Satellite 2750DVD
      Satellite 2750XDVD
      Satellite 2755
      Satellite 2755DVD
      Satellite 2755XDVD
      Satellite 2770
      Satellite 2770XDVD
      Satellite 2775
      Satellite 2775XDVD
      Satellite 2800
      Satellite 2800 A412
      Satellite 2800 A512
      Satellite 2800 s201
      Satellite 2800 S301
      Satellite 2800 S302
      Satellite 2800 S401
      Satellite 2800-100
      Satellite 2800-200
      Satellite 2800-300
      Satellite 2800-400
      Satellite 2800-500
      Satellite 2800-600
      Satellite 2800-A412
      Satellite 2800-A512
      Satellite 2800-a622
      Satellite 2800-C500
      Satellite 2800-S201
      Satellite 2800-S202
      Satellite 2800-S207
      Satellite 2800-S210
      Satellite 2800-S301
      Satellite 2800-S302
      Satellite 2800-S401
      Satellite 2800-S503
      Satellite 2800-S603
      Satellite 2800dvd c201
      Satellite 2800DVD C202
      Satellite 2800DVD C301
      Satellite 2800DVD C302
      Satellite 2800dvd-c201
      Satellite 2800DVD-C202
      Satellite 2800DVD-C301
      Satellite 2800DVD-C302
      Satellite 2805
      Satellite 2805 S401
      Satellite 2805-A622
      Satellite 2805-S201
      Satellite 2805-S202
      Satellite 2805-S301
      Satellite 2805-S302
      Satellite 2805-S401
      Satellite 2805-S402
      Satellite 2805-S503
      Satellite 2805-S603
      Satellite 2850-S201
      Satellite 2850-S301
      Satellite 2850-S302
      Satellite 2850-S401
      Satellite 2900 series
      Satellite 300
      Satellite 300CDS
      Satellite 300CDS/2
      Satellite 300CDT
      Satellite 300D
      Satellite 305
      Satellite 305CDS
      Satellite 305CDS/2
      Satellite 305CDT
      Satellite 310
      Satellite 310CDS
      Satellite 310CDS/2
      Satellite 310CDT
      Satellite 310CDT/2
      Satellite 315
      Satellite 315CD
      Satellite 315CDS
      Satellite 315CDS/2
      Satellite 315CDT
      Satellite 315CDT/2
      Satellite 320
      Satellite 320CDS
      Satellite 320CDT
      Satellite 320CT
      Satellite 325
      Satellite 325CDS
      Satellite 325CDT
      Satellite 330
      Satellite 330CDS
      Satellite 330CDT
      Satellite 335
      Satellite 335CDS
      Satellite 335CDT
      Satellite 4000
      Satellite 4000CDS
      Satellite 4000CDS/4
      Satellite 4000CDT
      Satellite 4000SCDS/4
      Satellite 4005CDS
      Satellite 4005CDS/4
      Satellite 4005CDT
      Satellite 4010
      Satellite 4010CDS
      Satellite 4010CDS/4
      Satellite 4010CDT
      Satellite 4015CDS
      Satellite 4015CDS/4
      Satellite 4015CDT
      Satellite 4020
      Satellite 4020CDT
      Satellite 4020CDT/6
      Satellite 4025CDS
      Satellite 4025CDT
      Satellite 4025CDT/6
      Satellite 4030
      Satellite 4030CDS
      Satellite 4030CDT
      Satellite 4030CDT-NT
      Satellite 4030CDT/4
      Satellite 4035CDS
      Satellite 4035CDT
      Satellite 4060
      Satellite 4060cdt
      Satellite 4060CDT-NT
      Satellite 4060CDT/4
      Satellite 4060XCDT
      Satellite 4070
      Satellite 4070cds
      Satellite 4070CDT
      Satellite 4080
      Satellite 4080CDS
      Satellite 4080CDT
      Satellite 4080xcdt
      Satellite 4080XCDT-NT
      Satellite 4080XCDT/6
      Satellite 4085xcdt
      Satellite 4090
      Satellite 4090CDS
      Satellite 4090CDT
      Satellite 4090XCDT
      Satellite 4090XDVD
      Satellite 4090XDVD-NT
      Satellite 4090XDVD/6
      Satellite 4100
      Satellite 4100cds
      Satellite 4100CDT
      Satellite 4100XCDT
      Satellite 4100XCDT-NT
      Satellite 4100XDVD
      Satellite 4100XDVD-NT
      Satellite 4100XDVD/6
      Satellite 4200
      Satellite 4260DVD
      Satellite 4280XDVD
      Satellite 4280ZDVD
      Satellite 4320ZDVD
      Satellite 4340ZDVD
      Satellite 4360ZDVD
      Satellite 4600
      Satellite 5000
      Satellite 5005
      Satellite 5005 Series
      Satellite 5005-S504
      Satellite 5005-S507
      Satellite 5005-S508
      Satellite 5100
      Satellite 5105
      Satellite 5105 Series
      Satellite 5105-S501
      Satellite 5105-S502
      Satellite 5105-S522
      Satellite 5105-S607
      Satellite 5105-S608
      Satellite 5105-S688
      Satellite 5105-S701
      Satellite 5105-S702
      Satellite 5105-S901
      Satellite 5200
      Satellite 5200-701
      Satellite 5200-702
      Satellite 5200-711
      Satellite 5200-801
      Satellite 5200-802
      Satellite 5200-901
      Satellite 5200-902
      Satellite 5200-903
      Satellite 5200-904
      Satellite 5200-A750
      Satellite 5200-A751
      Satellite 5200-S702
      Satellite 5205
      Satellite 5205 Series
      Satellite 5205-S119
      Satellite 5205-S500
      Satellite 5205-S502
      Satellite 5205-S503
      Satellite 5205-S504
      Satellite 5205-S505
      Satellite 5205-S506
      Satellite 5205-S5151
      Satellite 5205-S700
      Satellite 5205-S703
      Satellite 5205-S704
      Satellite 5205-S705
      Satellite 5205-SP505
      Satellite 6000 series
      Satellite A10
      Satellite A10 Series
      Satellite A10-131
      Satellite A10-501
      Satellite A10-511
      Satellite A10-521
      Satellite A10-S100
      Satellite A10-S1001
      Satellite A10-S103
      Satellite A10-S113
      Satellite A10-S127
      Satellite A10-S128
      Satellite A10-S129
      Satellite A10-S1291
      Satellite A10-S167
      Satellite A10-S168
      Satellite A10-S169
      Satellite A10-S1691
      Satellite A10-S177
      Satellite A10-S178
      Satellite A10-S203
      Satellite A10-S213
      Satellite A10-S223
      Satellite A10-S403
      Satellite A10-S403D
      Satellite A10-S503
      Satellite A10-S513
      Satellite A10-S703
      Satellite A10-S811
      Satellite A10-SP127
      Satellite A10-SP177
      Satellite A100-SP471
      Satellite A100-ST1042
      Satellite A100-ST8211
      Satellite A105-S4001
      Satellite A105-S4002
      Satellite A105-S4004
      Satellite A105-S4011
      Satellite A105-S4012
      Satellite A105-S4014
      Satellite A105-S4021
      Satellite A105-S4022
      Satellite A105-S4024
      Satellite A105-S4034
      Satellite A105-S4051
      Satellite A105-S4054
      Satellite A105-S4064
      Satellite A105-S4074
      Satellite A105-S4084
      Satellite A105-S4092
      Satellite A105-S4094
      Satellite A105-S4102
      Satellite A105-S4104
      Satellite A105-S4114
      Satellite A105-S4132
      Satellite A105-S4134
      Satellite A105-S4144
      Satellite A105-S4164
      Satellite A105-S4174
      Satellite A105-S4184
      Satellite A105-S4201
      Satellite A105-S4204
      Satellite A105-S4211
      Satellite A105-S4214
      Satellite A105-S4244
      Satellite A105-S4254
      Satellite A105-S4274
      Satellite A105-S4284
      Satellite A105-S4294
      Satellite A105-S4324
      Satellite A105-S4334
      Satellite A105-S4342
      Satellite A105-S4344
      Satellite A105-S4364
      Satellite A105-S4374
      Satellite A105-S4384
      Satellite A105-S4397
      Satellite A105-S4547
      Satellite A105-S45472
      Satellite A15 Series
      Satellite A15-S127
      Satellite A15-S1271
      Satellite A15-S128
      Satellite A15-S129
      Satellite A15-S1291
      Satellite A15-S1292
      Satellite A15-S157
      Satellite A15-S158
      Satellite A15-S1692
      Satellite A150-SP471
      Satellite A150-ST8211
      Satellite A50
      Satellite A50 Series
      Satellite A50-101
      Satellite A50-105
      Satellite A50-106
      Satellite A50-108
      Satellite A50-109
      Satellite A50-111
      Satellite A50-112
      Satellite A50-114
      Satellite A50-432
      Satellite A50-492
      Satellite A50-493
      Satellite A50-512
      Satellite A50-542
      Satellite A50-543
      Satellite A55 Series
      Satellite A55-S106
      Satellite A55-S1063
      Satellite A55-S1064
      Satellite A55-S1065
      Satellite A55-S1066
      Satellite A55-S129
      Satellite A55-S1291
      Satellite A55-S179
      Satellite A55-S1791
      Satellite A55-S306
      Satellite A55-S3061
      Satellite A55-S3062
      Satellite A55-S3063
      Satellite A55-S326
      Satellite A55-S3261
      Satellite A80
      Satellite M10 Series
      Satellite M115-ST1161
      Satellite M15 Series
      Satellite M15-S405
      Satellite M15-S406
      Satellite M155-S322
      Satellite M20
      Satellite M20 Series
      Satellite M20-S257
      Satellite M20-S258
      Satellite M30 Series
      Satellite M30-001
      Satellite M30-00K
      Satellite M30-100
      Satellite M30-103
      Satellite M30-104
      Satellite M30-105
      Satellite M30-106
      Satellite M30-107
      Satellite M30-114
      Satellite M30-125
      Satellite M30-154
      Satellite M30-164
      Satellite M30-204
      Satellite M30-241
      Satellite M30-261
      Satellite M30-304
      Satellite M30-344
      Satellite M30-354
      Satellite M30-361
      Satellite M30-404
      Satellite M30-604
      Satellite M30-622
      Satellite M30-642
      Satellite M30-704
      Satellite M30-714
      Satellite M30-742
      Satellite M30-801
      Satellite M30-832
      Satellite M30-841
      Satellite M30-842
      Satellite M30-852
      Satellite M30-853
      Satellite M30-861
      Satellite M30-901
      Satellite M30-941
      Satellite M30-951
      Satellite M30-993
      Satellite M30-BTO
      Satellite M30-Q31
      Satellite M30-S309
      Satellite M30-S3091
      Satellite M30-S350
      Satellite M30-S3501
      Satellite M30-S732
      Satellite M30-SP309
      Satellite M30-SP350
      Satellite M30-UU9
      Satellite M30-YSJ
      Satellite M35
      Satellite M35 Series
      Satellite M35-S320
      Satellite M35-S3201
      Satellite M35-S359
      Satellite M35-S3591
      Satellite M35-S3592
      Satellite M35-S456
      Satellite M35-S4561
      Satellite M40
      Satellite M40 (except M40-S312TD)
      Satellite M40 Series
      Satellite M40-S4111TD
      Satellite M40-S4112TD
      Satellite M40-S4172TD
      Satellite M40-S417TD
      Satellite M45(except M45-S165
      Satellite M45-S265
      Satellite M45-S2651
      Satellite M45-S2652
      Satellite M45-S2653
      Satellite M45-S269
      Satellite M45-S2691
      Satellite M45-S2692
      Satellite M45-S2693
      Satellite M45-S331
      Satellite M45-S3311
      Satellite M45-S351
      Satellite M45-S3511
      Satellite M45-S355
      Satellite M45-S3551
      Satellite M45-S3552
      Satellite M45-S3553
      Satellite M45-S359
      Satellite M45-S3591
      Satellite M50
      Satellite M50-04N01N
      Satellite M50-0TG01D
      Satellite M50-0TJ01E
      Satellite M50-0YU01N
      Satellite M50-105
      Satellite M50-109
      Satellite M50-122
      Satellite M50-138
      Satellite M50-141
      Satellite M50-142
      Satellite M50-143
      Satellite M50-156
      Satellite M50-181
      Satellite M50-182
      Satellite M50-198
      Satellite M50-226
      Satellite M50-231
      Satellite M50-MX2
      Satellite M50-S4182TD
      Satellite M50-S418TD
      Satellite M50-S5181TD
      Satellite M50-S5181TQ
      Satellite M50-S5182TD
      Satellite M55
      Satellite M55(except M55-S139 & S55-S139X)
      Satellite M55-S135
      Satellite M55-S1351
      Satellite M55-S1352
      Satellite M55-S2252
      Satellite M55-S2253
      Satellite M55-S325
      Satellite M55-S3251
      Satellite M55-S3262
      Satellite M55-S329
      Satellite M55-S3291
      Satellite M55-S3292
      Satellite M55-S3293
      Satellite M55-S3294
      Satellite M55-S331
      Satellite M55-S3311
      Satellite M55-S3314
      Satellite M55-S3315
      Satellite M55-S351
      Satellite M55-S3511
      Satellite M55-S3512
      Satellite P100
      Satellite P100-ST1071
      Satellite P100-ST1072
      Satellite P100-ST7111
      Satellite P100-ST7211
      Satellite P100-ST9012
      Satellite P100-ST9212
      Satellite P100-ST9412
      Satellite P100-ST9612
      Satellite P100-ST9712
      Satellite P100-ST9732
      Satellite P100-ST9742
      Satellite P100-ST9752
      Satellite P100-ST9762
      Satellite P100-ST9772
      Satellite P105-S921
      Satellite P105-S9312
      Satellite P105-S9337
      Satellite P105-S9339
      Satellite P105-S9722
      Satellite P150-ST1571
      Satellite P150-ST7111TD
      Satellite P150-ST7211
      Satellite P155-S6xxx
      Satellite Pro 400
      Satellite Pro 4000 series
      Satellite Pro 400CDT
      Satellite Pro 400CS
      Satellite Pro 405
      Satellite Pro 405CS
      Satellite Pro 410CDT
      Satellite Pro 410CS
      Satellite Pro 415CE
      Satellite Pro 415CS
      Satellite Pro 4200
      Satellite Pro 4200 Series
      Satellite Pro 420CDS
      Satellite Pro 420CDT
      Satellite Pro 4220
      Satellite Pro 4220XCDT
      Satellite Pro 4220XCDT NT
      Satellite Pro 425CDS
      Satellite Pro 425CDT
      Satellite Pro 4260
      Satellite Pro 4260DVD
      Satellite Pro 4260XDVD
      Satellite Pro 4270
      Satellite Pro 4270CDS
      Satellite Pro 4270XDVD
      Satellite Pro 4270ZDVD
      Satellite Pro 4280XDVD
      Satellite Pro 4280ZDVD
      Satellite Pro 4290
      Satellite Pro 430 Series
      Satellite Pro 4300
      Satellite Pro 430CDS
      Satellite Pro 430CDT
      Satellite Pro 430CDX
      Satellite Pro 4310
      Satellite Pro 4310CDT
      Satellite Pro 4310XCDT
      Satellite Pro 4320
      Satellite Pro 4320CD
      Satellite Pro 4320DVD
      Satellite pro 4320xdvd
      Satellite Pro 4330XCDT
      Satellite Pro 4340
      Satellite Pro 4340XDVD
      Satellite Pro 435CDS
      Satellite Pro 435CDT
      Satellite Pro 4360
      Satellite Pro 4360XDVD
      Satellite Pro 4380XDVD
      Satellite pro 440cds
      Satellite Pro 440CDT
      Satellite Pro 440CDX
      Satellite Pro 440CS
      Satellite Pro 440CT
      Satellite Pro 445CDS
      Satellite Pro 445CDT
      Satellite Pro 445CDX
      Satellite Pro 450CDT
      Satellite Pro 450CDX
      Satellite Pro 4600
      Satellite Pro 4600 Series
      Satellite Pro 460CDT
      Satellite Pro 460CDX
      Satellite Pro 465CDT
      Satellite Pro 465CDX
      Satellite Pro 470
      Satellite Pro 470CDT
      Satellite Pro 480CDT
      Satellite Pro 480CDX
      Satellite Pro 485CDT
      Satellite Pro 485CDX
      Satellite Pro 490CDT
      Satellite Pro 490CDT-NT
      Satellite Pro 490CDX
      Satellite Pro 490XCDT
      Satellite Pro 490XCDT-NT
      Satellite Pro 495CDT
      Satellite Pro 495CDX
      Satellite Pro 500
      Satellite Pro 520CDT
      Satellite Pro 550CDT
      Satellite Pro 6000
      Satellite Pro 6000 Series
      Satellite Pro 6100
      Satellite Pro 6100 Series
      Satellite Pro 6150
      Satellite Pro A120-107
      Satellite Pro A120-10L
      Satellite Pro A120-10Q
      Satellite Pro A120-10Z
      Satellite Pro A120-140
      Satellite Pro A120-144
      Satellite Pro A120-145
      Satellite Pro A120-146
      Satellite Pro A120-151
      Satellite Pro A120-155
      Satellite Pro A120-159
      Satellite Pro A120-160
      Satellite Pro A120-161
      Satellite Pro A120-169
      Satellite Pro A120-174
      Satellite Pro A120-184
      Satellite Pro A120-185
      Satellite Pro A120-186
      Satellite Pro A120-187
      Satellite Pro A120-189
      Satellite Pro A120-201
      Satellite Pro A120-216
      Satellite Pro A120-219
      Satellite Pro A120-223
      Satellite Pro A120SE-102
      Satellite Pro A120SE-10W
      Satellite Pro A120SE-11H
      Satellite Pro A120SE-163
      Satellite Pro A120SE-169
      Satellite Pro A120SE-172
      Satellite Pro A120SE-177
      Satellite Pro A120SE-178
      Satellite Pro A120SE-179
      Satellite Pro A120SE-180
      Satellite Pro A120SE-189
      Satellite Pro A120SE-220
      Satellite Pro A120SE-221
      Satellite Pro A120SE-224
      Satellite Pro A120SE-237
      Satellite Pro A120SE-243
      Satellite Pro M10
      Satellite Pro M10-S405
      Satellite Pro M10-S406
      Satellite Pro M15
      Satellite Pro M15-S405
      Satellite Pro M15-S406
      Satellite Pro S300
      Satellite Pro S300 Series
      Satellite Pro S300-10F
      Satellite Pro S300-10H
      Satellite Pro S300-117
      Satellite Pro S300-11G
      Satellite Pro S300-11H
      Satellite Pro S300-11R
      Satellite Pro S300-11T
      Satellite Pro S300-120
      Satellite Pro S300-121
      Satellite Pro S300-EZ1511
      Satellite Pro S300-EZ1512
      Satellite Pro S300-EZ1513
      Satellite Pro S300-EZ1514
      Satellite Pro S300-EZ2501
      Satellite Pro S300-EZ2502
      Satellite Pro S300-EZ2511
      Satellite Pro S300-EZ2521
      Satellite Pro S300-S1001
      Satellite Pro S300-S2503
      Satellite Pro S300-S2504
      Satellite Pro S300M Series
      Satellite Pro S300M-EZ240
      Satellite Pro S300M-EZ2401
      Satellite Pro S300M-EZ2402
      Satellite Pro S300M-EZ2405
      Satellite Pro S300M-EZ2421
      Satellite Pro S300M-S1001
      Satellite Pro S300M-S2142
      Satellite Pro S300M-S2403
      Satellite Pro U200 Series
      Satellite Pro U200-10F
      Satellite Pro U200-134
      Satellite Pro U200-155
      Satellite Pro U200-206
      Satellite R10
      Satellite R10-101 Tablet PC
      Satellite R10-S613
      Satellite R10-S802TD
      Satellite R10-S804TD
      Satellite R10-S820
      Satellite R15
      Satellite R15 Series
      Satellite R15-S822
      Satellite R15-S8222
      Satellite R15-S829
      Satellite R20 Series
      Satellite R20-ST2081
      Satellite R20-ST4113
      Satellite R25 Series
      Satellite R25-S3503
      Satellite R25-S3513
      Satellite T2100CDX
      Satellite TE2100
      Satellite TE2300
      Satellite U200
      Satellite U200 Series
      Satellite U200-162
      Satellite U200-163
      Satellite U205-S5057
      Satellite U205-S5058
      Satellite U205-S5067
      Tecra 500
      Tecra 500CDS
      Tecra 500CDT
      Tecra 500CS
      Tecra 505CDS
      Tecra 505CDT
      Tecra 510CDS
      Tecra 510CDT
      Tecra 510CS
      Tecra 515CDS
      Tecra 515CDT
      Tecra 520CDT
      Tecra 530CDS
      Tecra 530CDT
      Tecra 540CDT
      Tecra 550
      Tecra 550CDT
      Tecra 750CDM
      Tecra 750CDS
      Tecra 750CDT
      Tecra 750DVD
      Tecra 780
      Tecra 780CDM
      Tecra 780CDV
      Tecra 780DVD
      Tecra 8000
      Tecra 8000 series
      Tecra 8000-4B51
      Tecra 8000-4K71
      Tecra 8000-C951
      Tecra 8000-KB51
      Tecra 8100
      Tecra 8100 series
      Tecra 8200
      Tecra 8200 series
      Tecra 9000
      Tecra 9100
      Tecra 9100 Series
      Tecra A1
      Tecra A1 Series
      Tecra A10 Series
      Tecra A10-104
      Tecra A10-10P
      Tecra A10-112
      Tecra A10-11T
      Tecra A10-13F
      Tecra A10-13G
      Tecra A10-13I
      Tecra A10-13J
      Tecra A10-13K
      Tecra A10-13Q
      Tecra A10-S350
      Tecra A10-S3501
      Tecra A10-S3511
      Tecra A10-ST9010
      Tecra A11 Series
      Tecra A11-001
      Tecra A11-00N
      Tecra A11-00P
      Tecra A11-00Q
      Tecra A11-10D
      Tecra A11-10E
      Tecra A11-110
      Tecra A11-113
      Tecra A11-114
      Tecra A11-11E
      Tecra A11-11G
      Tecra A11-11H
      Tecra A11-11J
      Tecra A11-11L
      Tecra A11-11N
      Tecra A11-11Q
      Tecra A11-11Z
      Tecra A11-125
      Tecra A11-126
      Tecra A11-127
      Tecra A11-128
      Tecra A11-12C
      Tecra A11-12F
      Tecra A11-12H
      Tecra A11-12P
      Tecra A11-12Q
      Tecra A11-S3510
      Tecra A11-S3520
      Tecra A11-S3521
      Tecra A11-S3530
      Tecra A11-S3531
      Tecra A11-S3540
      Tecra A11-ST3500
      Tecra A11-ST3501
      Tecra A11-ST3502
      Tecra A11-W3540
      Tecra A2
      Tecra A2 Series
      Tecra A2-4M403V
      Tecra A2-S119
      Tecra A2-S139
      Tecra A2-S20ST
      Tecra A2-S219
      Tecra A2-S239
      Tecra A2-S316
      Tecra A2-S336
      Tecra A2-S4372ST
      Tecra A3
      Tecra A3 Series
      Tecra A3-100
      Tecra A3-103
      Tecra A3-106
      Tecra A3-114
      Tecra A3-141
      Tecra A3-143
      Tecra A3-180
      Tecra A3-181
      Tecra A3-188
      Tecra A3-S611
      Tecra A3-S711
      Tecra A3-S731
      Tecra A3-SP611
      Tecra A3X
      Tecra A3X Series
      Tecra A3X-102
      Tecra A3X-165
      Tecra A3X-166
      Tecra A3X-167
      Tecra A4 (01C001)
      Tecra A4 Series
      Tecra A4-108
      Tecra A4-109
      Tecra A4-158
      Tecra A4-161
      Tecra A4-164
      Tecra A4-171
      Tecra A4-196
      Tecra A4-212
      Tecra A4-244
      Tecra A4-257
      Tecra A4-S111TD
      Tecra A4-S211
      Tecra A4-S216
      Tecra A4-S231
      Tecra A4-S236
      Tecra A4-S312TD
      Tecra A4-S313
      Tecra A4-SP211
      Tecra A5
      Tecra A5 Series
      Tecra A5-122
      Tecra A5-138
      Tecra A5-155
      Tecra A5-S116
      Tecra A5-S118
      Tecra A5-S136
      Tecra A5-S237
      Tecra A5-S329
      Tecra A5-S3291
      Tecra A5-S3292
      Tecra A5-S3293
      Tecra A5-S416
      Tecra A5-S516
      Tecra A5-S6215TD
      Tecra A5-SP4161
      Tecra A5-SP519
      Tecra A6-EZ6311
      Tecra A6-EZ6312
      Tecra A6-EZ6313
      Tecra A6-EZ6314
      Tecra A6-EZ6411
      Tecra A6-S513
      Tecra A6-S6315
      Tecra A6-S713
      Tecra A6-ST3112
      Tecra A6-ST3512
      Tecra A7 Series
      Tecra A7-S612
      Tecra A7-S712
      Tecra A7-S7712
      Tecra A7-ST5112
      Tecra A7-ST7711
      Tecra A8 Series
      Tecra A8-0SG063
      Tecra A8-0SH063
      Tecra A8-0SJ063
      Tecra A8-106
      Tecra A8-10I
      Tecra A8-10M
      Tecra A8-117
      Tecra A8-150
      Tecra A8-159
      Tecra A8-176
      Tecra A8-180
      Tecra A8-181
      Tecra A8-186
      Tecra A8-187
      Tecra A8-191
      Tecra A8-192
      Tecra A8-193
      Tecra A8-210
      Tecra A8-EZ8311
      Tecra A8-EZ8312
      Tecra A8-EZ8313
      Tecra A8-EZ8411
      Tecra A8-EZ8412
      Tecra A8-EZ8413
      Tecra A8-EZ8511
      Tecra A8-EZ8511X
      Tecra A8-EZ8512
      Tecra A8-EZ8512X
      Tecra A8-S8314
      Tecra A8-S8414
      Tecra A8-S8415
      Tecra A8-S8513
      Tecra A8-S8514
      Tecra A9 Series
      Tecra A9-102
      Tecra A9-10M
      Tecra A9-11M
      Tecra A9-127
      Tecra A9-12H
      Tecra A9-150
      Tecra A9-153
      Tecra A9-50N
      Tecra A9-50Q
      Tecra A9-50X
      Tecra A9-51B
      Tecra A9-51E
      Tecra A9-51F
      Tecra A9-51G
      Tecra A9-51H
      Tecra A9-51S
      Tecra A9-51U
      Tecra A9-51V
      Tecra A9-S9012X
      Tecra A9-S9013
      Tecra A9-S9013X
      Tecra A9-S9014
      Tecra A9-S9015X
      Tecra A9-S9016X
      Tecra A9-S9017
      Tecra A9-S9018V
      Tecra A9-S9018X
      Tecra A9-S9019V
      Tecra A9-S9019X
      Tecra A9-S9020V
      Tecra A9-S9020X
      Tecra A9-S9021V
      Tecra A9-ST9001
      Tecra A9-ST9002
      Tecra ASP219
      Tecra M1
      Tecra M1 Series
      Tecra M10 Series
      Tecra M10-10H
      Tecra M10-10I
      Tecra M10-10O
      Tecra M10-10Q
      Tecra M10-10R
      Tecra M10-10S
      Tecra M10-10T
      Tecra M10-10U
      Tecra M10-10W
      Tecra M10-11V
      Tecra M10-13S
      Tecra M10-143
      Tecra M10-S1001
      Tecra M10-S3401
      Tecra M10-S3411
      Tecra M10-S3412
      Tecra M10-SP2901C
      Tecra M10-SP2901R
      Tecra M10-ST9110
      Tecra M11 Series
      Tecra M11-S3410
      Tecra M11-S3420
      Tecra M11-S3430
      Tecra M11-ST3501
      Tecra M11-ST3502
      Tecra M11-W3421
      Tecra M2
      Tecra M2 Series
      Tecra M2-S319
      Tecra M2-S339
      Tecra M2-S410
      Tecra M2-S430
      Tecra M2-S519
      Tecra M2-S530
      Tecra M2-S539
      Tecra M2-S5392
      Tecra M2-S630
      Tecra M2-S730
      Tecra M2-S7302ST
      Tecra M2V
      Tecra M2V Series
      Tecra M2V-S310
      Tecra M2V-S330
      Tecra M2V-S3302ST
      Tecra M3
      Tecra M3 Series
      Tecra M3-S212TD
      Tecra M3-S311
      Tecra M3-S316
      Tecra M3-S331
      Tecra M3-S336
      Tecra M3-S636
      Tecra M3-S737TD
      Tecra M3-VACF
      Tecra M4
      Tecra M4 Series
      Tecra M4-103
      Tecra M4-107
      Tecra M4-S115TD
      Tecra M4-S315
      Tecra M4-S335
      Tecra M4-S415
      Tecra M4-S435
      Tecra M4-ST1112
      Tecra M5
      Tecra M5-103
      Tecra M5-104
      Tecra M5-10K
      Tecra M5-10Q
      Tecra M5-118
      Tecra M5-119
      Tecra M5-121
      Tecra M5-122
      Tecra M5-129
      Tecra M5-132
      Tecra M5-133
      Tecra M5-135
      Tecra M5-143
      Tecra M5-292
      Tecra M5-382
      Tecra M5-383
      Tecra M5-384
      Tecra M5-403
      Tecra M5-415
      Tecra M5-417
      Tecra M5-S433
      Tecra M5-S4331
      Tecra M5-S4332
      Tecra M5-S4333
      Tecra M5-S5131
      Tecra M5-S5231
      Tecra M5-S5232
      Tecra M5-S5331
      Tecra M5-S5332
      Tecra M5-SP721
      Tecra M5-ST1412
      Tecra M5-ST5011
      Tecra M5-ST5012
      Tecra M5-ST8112
      Tecra M5L Series
      Tecra M6 Series
      Tecra M6-EZ6611
      Tecra M6-EZ6612
      Tecra M6-EZ6711
      Tecra M6-ST3412
      Tecra M7 Series
      Tecra M7-102
      Tecra M7-114
      Tecra M7-115
      Tecra M7-116
      Tecra M7-117
      Tecra M7-118
      Tecra M7-121
      Tecra M7-125
      Tecra M7-132
      Tecra M7-138
      Tecra M7-139
      Tecra M7-141
      Tecra M7-S7311
      Tecra M7-S7331
      Tecra M7-ST4013
      Tecra M8 Series
      Tecra M9 Series
      Tecra M9-104
      Tecra M9-12C
      Tecra M9-12K
      Tecra M9-12L
      Tecra M9-12R
      Tecra M9-12S
      Tecra M9-136
      Tecra M9-139
      Tecra M9-13A
      Tecra M9-14B
      Tecra M9-14C
      Tecra M9-14F
      Tecra M9-14Y
      Tecra M9-156
      Tecra M9-15I
      Tecra M9-15R
      Tecra M9-15S
      Tecra M9-15T
      Tecra M9-169
      Tecra M9-16F
      Tecra M9-16H
      Tecra M9-1B7
      Tecra M9-S5512X
      Tecra M9-S5513
      Tecra M9-S5513X
      Tecra M9-S5514
      Tecra M9-S5514X
      Tecra M9-S5515
      Tecra M9-S5515X
      Tecra M9-S5516V
      Tecra M9-S5516X
      Tecra M9-S5517V
      Tecra M9-S5517X
      Tecra M9-S5518V
      Tecra M9-S5518X
      Tecra M9-ST5511
      Tecra M9-ST5511X
      Tecra M9L-101
      Tecra M9L-12C
      Tecra M9L-12K
      Tecra M9L-12T
      Tecra R10
      Tecra R10 Series
      Tecra R10-00D
      Tecra R10-10I
      Tecra R10-10J
      Tecra R10-10K
      Tecra R10-10V
      Tecra R10-111
      Tecra R10-112
      Tecra R10-114
      Tecra R10-11B
      Tecra R10-11J
      Tecra R10-ES1
      Tecra R10-S4401
      Tecra R10-S4402
      Tecra R10-S4411
      Tecra S1
      Tecra S10
      Tecra S2
      Tecra S2 Series
      Tecra S2-107
      Tecra S2-128
      Tecra S2-131
      Tecra S2-155
      Tecra S2-159
      Tecra S2-175
      Tecra S2-S511TD
      Tecra S3
      Tecra S3 Series
      Tecra S3-120
      Tecra S3-129
      Tecra S3-130
      Tecra S3-140
      Tecra S3-141
      Tecra S3-142
      Tecra S3-161
      Tecra S3-208
      Tecra S3-223
      Tecra S3-242
      Tecra S3-366
      Tecra S3-S411TD
      Tecra S4 Series
      Tecra S4-105
      Tecra S4-10M
      Tecra S4-10N
      Tecra S4-120
      Tecra S4-126
      Tecra S4-127
      Tecra S4-132
      Tecra S4-133
      Tecra S5 Series
      Tecra S5-10X
      Tecra S5-11K
      Tecra S5-11S
      Tecra TE2000
      Tecra TE2100
      Tecra TE2100 Series
      Tecra TE2300
      Tecra TE2300 Series

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