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Replacement LENOVO 42T4735 Laptop Battery

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LENOVO 42T4735 Laptop Battery

7800mAh 10.8V LENOVO 42T4735 Replacement Laptop Battery

  • Item Number: USNLVT4109B
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Volt: 10.8V
  • Capacity: 7800mAh
  • Cells: 9
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 523.8g
  • Length: 218.80 x 73.00 x 21.40mm
  • Condition: New, replacement, 1 year warranty!
  • Availability: In Stock
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Price: US $36.99

Descriptions of LENOVO 42T4735 Laptop Battery

Note: Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.
This LENOVO 42T4735 Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:


ASM 42T4703
ASM 42T4711
ASM 42T4752
ASM 42T4756
ASM 42T4794
ASM 42T4796
FRU 42T4702
FRU 42T4704
FRU 42T4706
FRU 42T4708
FRU 42T4710
FRU 42T4712
FRU 42T4714
FRU 42T4731
FRU 42T4735
FRU 42T4737
FRU 42T4751
FRU 42T4753
FRU 42T4755
FRU 42T4791
FRU 42T4793
FRU 42T4795
FRU 42T4797
FRU 42T4799
FRU 42T4801
FRU 42T4803
FRU 42T4817
FRU 42T4819
FRU 42T4848
FRU 42T4851
FRU 42T4925
FRU 42T4927

This LENOVO 42T4735 Laptop Battery is also compatible with the following models:


      ThinkPad E40
      ThinkPad E50
      ThinkPad Edge 0578-47B
      ThinkPad Edge 14"
      ThinkPad Edge 14" 05787UJ
      ThinkPad Edge 14" 05787VJ
      ThinkPad Edge 14" 05787WJ
      ThinkPad Edge 14" 05787XJ
      ThinkPad Edge 14" 05787YJ
      ThinkPad Edge 15"
      ThinkPad Edge E420
      ThinkPad Edge E420 1141-CTO
      ThinkPad Edge E420 1167-CTO
      ThinkPad Edge E420 1198-CTO
      Thinkpad Edge E425
      ThinkPad Edge E425 1141-CTO
      ThinkPad Edge E425 1167-CTO
      ThinkPad Edge E425 1198-CTO
      ThinkPad Edge E520
      ThinkPad Edge E525
      ThinkPad Edge15" 301K7J
      ThinkPad L410
      ThinkPad L410 2842-CTO
      ThinkPad L410 2847-CTO
      ThinkPad L410 2873-CTO
      ThinkPad L410 2874-CTO
      ThinkPad L410 2875-CTO
      ThinkPad L410 2931-CTO
      ThinkPad L412
      ThinkPad L420
      ThinkPad L420 5015-36x
      ThinkPad L420 5015-37x
      ThinkPad L420 5015-3Dx
      ThinkPad L420 5015-3Ex
      ThinkPad L420 5015-CTO
      ThinkPad L420 5016-4Fx
      ThinkPad L420 5016-4Gx
      ThinkPad L420 5016-4Hx
      ThinkPad L420 5016-4Jx
      ThinkPad L420 5016-5Lx
      ThinkPad L420 5016-5Mx
      ThinkPad L420 5016-65x
      ThinkPad L420 5016-66x
      ThinkPad L420 5016-67x
      ThinkPad L420 5016-CTO
      ThinkPad L420 5017-4Px
      ThinkPad L420 5017-4Qx
      ThinkPad L420 5017-4Rx
      ThinkPad L420 5017-4Sx
      ThinkPad L420 5017-4Tx
      ThinkPad L420 5017-4Ux
      ThinkPad L420 5017-4Vx
      ThinkPad L420 5017-4Wx
      ThinkPad L420 5017-4Xx
      ThinkPad L420 5017-CTO
      ThinkPad L420 5019-CTO
      ThinkPad L420 7826-3Hx
      ThinkPad L420 7826-3Jx
      ThinkPad L420 7826-3Kx
      ThinkPad L420 7826-3Lx
      ThinkPad L420 7826-3Mx
      ThinkPad L420 7826-3Nx
      ThinkPad L420 7826-3Px
      ThinkPad L420 7826-3Qx
      ThinkPad L420 7826-45x
      ThinkPad L420 7826-46x
      ThinkPad L420 7826-47x
      ThinkPad L420 7826-48x
      ThinkPad L420 7826-49x
      ThinkPad L420 7826-4Ax
      ThinkPad L420 7826-4Bx
      ThinkPad L420 7826-CTO
      ThinkPad L420 7827-4Cx
      ThinkPad L420 7827-4Dx
      ThinkPad L420 7827-4Ex
      ThinkPad L420 7827-5Ax
      ThinkPad L420 7827-5Bx
      ThinkPad L420 7827-CTO
      ThinkPad L420 7829-4Zx
      ThinkPad L420 7829-53x
      ThinkPad L420 7829-54x
      ThinkPad L420 7829-58x
      ThinkPad L420 7829-59x
      ThinkPad L420 7829-5Ax
      ThinkPad L420 7829-5Bx
      ThinkPad L420 7829-5Cx
      ThinkPad L420 7829-5Dx
      ThinkPad L420 7829-CTO
      ThinkPad L420 7853-CTO
      ThinkPad L420 7854-39x
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Ax
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Bx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Cx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Dx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Ex
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Fx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Gx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Hx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Jx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Kx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Lx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Mx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Nx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Px
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Qx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Xx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Yx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-3Zx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-4Gx
      thinkPad L420 7854-4Hx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-4Nx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-4Px
      ThinkPad L420 7854-4Qx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-4Sx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-4Tx
      ThinkPad L420 7854-CTO
      ThinkPad L420 7856-3Gx
      ThinkPad L420 7856-3Hx
      ThinkPad L420 7856-3Jx
      ThinkPad L420 7856-3Kx
      ThinkPad L420 7856-3Lx
      ThinkPad L420 7856-3Mx
      ThinkPad L420 7856-3Wx
      ThinkPad L420 7856-CTO
      ThinkPad L420 7859 5Lx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-3Cx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-3Dx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-3Ex
      ThinkPad L420 7859-3Fx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-3Gx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-3Hx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-3Jx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-3Kx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-3Lx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-3Mx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-3Nx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-3Px
      ThinkPad L420 7859-3Qx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-3Rx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-3Sx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-3Tx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-3Zx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-42x
      ThinkPad L420 7859-43x
      ThinkPad L420 7859-4Fx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-4Gx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-4Hx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-4Nx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-4Px
      ThinkPad L420 7859-4Qx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-4Rx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-4Sx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-4Tx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-4Ux
      ThinkPad L420 7859-4Vx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-5Gx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-5Hx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-5Kx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-5Mx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-5Nx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-5Wx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-5Xx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-5Yx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-5Zx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-63x
      ThinkPad L420 7859-64x
      ThinkPad L420 7859-65x
      ThinkPad L420 7859-66x
      ThinkPad L420 7859-67x
      ThinkPad L420 7859-6Ax
      ThinkPad L420 7859-6Ex
      ThinkPad L420 7859-6Fx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-6Gx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-6Hx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-6Jx
      ThinkPad L420 7859-CTO
      ThinkPad L420 7860-3Dx
      ThinkPad L420 7860-3Hx
      ThinkPad L420 7860-3Jx
      ThinkPad L420 7860-CTO
      ThinkPad L421
      ThinkPad L510
      ThinkPad L510 2842-CTO
      ThinkPad L510 2847-CTO
      ThinkPad L510 2873-CTO
      ThinkPad L510 2874-CTO
      ThinkPad L510 2875-CTO
      ThinkPad L510 2931-CTO
      ThinkPad L512
      ThinkPad L520
      ThinkPad L520 5015-36x
      ThinkPad L520 5015-37x
      ThinkPad L520 5015-3Dx
      ThinkPad L520 5015-3Ex
      ThinkPad L520 5015-CTO
      ThinkPad L520 5016-4Fx
      ThinkPad L520 5016-4Gx
      ThinkPad L520 5016-4Hx
      ThinkPad L520 5016-4Jx
      ThinkPad L520 5016-5Lx
      ThinkPad L520 5016-5Mx
      ThinkPad L520 5016-65x
      ThinkPad L520 5016-66x
      ThinkPad L520 5016-67x
      ThinkPad L520 5016-CTO
      ThinkPad L520 5017-4Px
      ThinkPad L520 5017-4Qx
      ThinkPad L520 5017-4Rx
      ThinkPad L520 5017-4Sx
      ThinkPad L520 5017-4Tx
      ThinkPad L520 5017-4Ux
      ThinkPad L520 5017-4Vx
      ThinkPad L520 5017-4Wx
      ThinkPad L520 5017-4Xx
      ThinkPad L520 5017-CTO
      ThinkPad L520 5019-CTO
      ThinkPad L520 7826-3Hx
      ThinkPad L520 7826-3Jx
      ThinkPad L520 7826-3Kx
      ThinkPad L520 7826-3Lx
      ThinkPad L520 7826-3Mx
      ThinkPad L520 7826-3Nx
      ThinkPad L520 7826-3Px
      ThinkPad L520 7826-3Qx
      ThinkPad L520 7826-45x
      ThinkPad L520 7826-46x
      ThinkPad L520 7826-47x
      ThinkPad L520 7826-48x
      ThinkPad L520 7826-49x
      ThinkPad L520 7826-4Ax
      ThinkPad L520 7826-4Bx
      ThinkPad L520 7826-CTO
      ThinkPad L520 7827- 4Cx
      ThinkPad L520 7827- 4Ex
      ThinkPad L520 7827-4Dx
      ThinkPad L520 7827-5Ax
      ThinkPad L520 7827-5Bx
      ThinkPad L520 7827-CTO
      ThinkPad L520 7829 5Bx
      ThinkPad L520 7829 5Dx
      ThinkPad L520 7829-4Zx
      ThinkPad L520 7829-53x
      ThinkPad L520 7829-54x
      ThinkPad L520 7829-58x
      ThinkPad L520 7829-59x
      ThinkPad L520 7829-5Ax
      ThinkPad L520 7829-5Cx
      ThinkPad L520 7829-CTO
      ThinkPad L520 7853-CTO
      ThinkPad L520 7854-39x
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Ax
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Bx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Cx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Dx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Ex
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Fx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Gx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Hx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Jx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Kx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Lx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Mx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Nx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Px
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Qx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Xx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Yx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-3Zx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-4Gx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-4Hx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-4Nx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-4Px
      ThinkPad L520 7854-4Qx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-4Sx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-4Tx
      ThinkPad L520 7854-CTO
      ThinkPad L520 7856-3Gx
      ThinkPad L520 7856-3Hx
      ThinkPad L520 7856-3Jx
      ThinkPad L520 7856-3Kx
      ThinkPad L520 7856-3Lx
      ThinkPad L520 7856-3Mx
      ThinkPad L520 7856-3Wx
      ThinkPad L520 7856-CTO
      ThinkPad L520 7859-3Cx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-3Dx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-3Ex
      ThinkPad L520 7859-3Fx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-3Gx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-3Hx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-3Jx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-3Kx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-3Lx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-3Mx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-3Nx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-3Px
      ThinkPad L520 7859-3Qx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-3Rx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-3Sx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-3Tx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-3Zx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-42x
      ThinkPad L520 7859-43x
      ThinkPad L520 7859-4Fx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-4Gx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-4Hx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-4Nx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-4Px
      ThinkPad L520 7859-4Qx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-4Rx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-4Sx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-4Tx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-4Ux
      ThinkPad L520 7859-4Vx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-5Gx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-5Hx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-5Kx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-5Lx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-5Mx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-5Nx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-5Wx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-5Xx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-5Yx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-5Zx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-63x
      ThinkPad L520 7859-64x
      ThinkPad L520 7859-65x
      ThinkPad L520 7859-66x
      ThinkPad L520 7859-67x
      ThinkPad L520 7859-6Ax
      ThinkPad L520 7859-6Ex
      ThinkPad L520 7859-6Fx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-6Gx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-6Hx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-6Jx
      ThinkPad L520 7859-CTO
      ThinkPad L520 7860-3Dx
      ThinkPad L520 7860-3Hx
      ThinkPad L520 7860-3Jx
      ThinkPad L520 7860-CTO
      ThinkPad SL410
      ThinkPad SL410 2842
      ThinkPad SL410 2842-CTO
      ThinkPad SL410 2847-CTO
      ThinkPad SL410 2873-CTO
      ThinkPad SL410 2874
      ThinkPad SL410 2874-CTO
      ThinkPad SL410 2875-CTO
      ThinkPad SL410 2931-CTO
      ThinkPad SL410k 2842
      ThinkPad SL510
      ThinkPad SL510 2842-CTO
      ThinkPad SL510 2847
      ThinkPad SL510 2847-CTO
      ThinkPad SL510 2847RE4
      ThinkPad SL510 2873-CTO
      ThinkPad SL510 2874-CTO
      ThinkPad SL510 2875
      ThinkPad SL510 2875-CTO
      ThinkPad SL510 2931-CTO
      ThinkPad T410
      ThinkPad T410i
      ThinkPad T420
      ThinkPad T420i
      ThinkPad T510
      ThinkPad T510i
      ThinkPad T520
      ThinkPad T520i
      ThinkPad W510
      ThinkPad W510 4389
      ThinkPad W520

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